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Apr 14, 2014 2:30pm EDT
in washington, d.c. for a discussion about the rise of islamic political parties in pakistan and the current state of u.s./pakistan relations. we'll be hear prosecution the former pakistani ambassador to the u.s., husain haqqani, on various issues that may include drone airstrikes and, of course, the search for osama bin land. again live here, we're just waiting for the participants to take the stage here at the atlantic council. n. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> again, we're here at the atlantic council live in washington, d.c. for a discussion about the rise of islamic political parties in pakistan. we'll be hearing from the former pakistani ambassador to the u.s., husain haqqani. they are running a few minutes late here. they should start within ten minutes or so. and while we wait for this discussion to begin, we're going to take a look at a segment from this morning's "washington journal" talking about funding the united nations, their daily operations and their peacekeeping missions. >> host: in our last hour here, we take a look at how
Apr 25, 2014 3:00pm EDT
elections in the security challenges in pakistan today the brookings institution foreign-policy research to victor michael o'hanlon moderated the discussion yesterday. >> good afternoon everyone. i'm froi am from the brookings institution foreign-policy program and we are here at an event in carnegie space and we are grateful to our friends for hosting us today. to my right is another scholar who is an expert on afghanistan and is one of the countries all in difficult parts of the world and difficult challenges she spent much of her career working on including a couple of excellent books about counternarcotics into the topic of the current research project she wrote a book about afghanistan called aspiration and end of the lens and was going to be an observer in last month's first round until violence precluded that which is a natural starting point for some of the discussion i know she is going to get into it about what has been going on in these last few weeks. next to her is the ambassador retired foreign service officer who spent more of the difficult years and most difficult place y
Apr 27, 2014 6:30pm PDT
. when speaking to him about genome and challenges for the media in pakistan. then before we begin the discussion. shares in the introduction to the current situation in pakistan due to the attack on geo tv anchor part of me what has become one of the most hideous country is the sudden media freedom and cottages journalism is consigned from the audubon to sectarian extremists groups to the crunching into services intelligence agency isi. although it continues to god that did the media trying to intimidate and canonized them into silence. in the last two decades fifty two and jonas have had to be with and itunes. seeing and unafraid friendly notion is out which hotel to get in the eastern punjab province in two thousand and eleven when gianni was your photo when the time bob that was close to my dad in the taxi in the senior mixed yet unidentified assailants gun down voice of the many agendas mochi from time to update me and not swift and be silent. angie think you've caused. given the cases are common in general this has got to me and your news ended up on it means being attacked i
Al Jazeera America
Apr 27, 2014 7:30pm EDT
in journalism in pakistan an the intelligence agency that stands accused of putting the media in crosshairs. eastern ukraine, getting abducted there is part of the risk >> they said basically i am a lying journalist and that's why i was there >> two of britain's best known political cartoonists on the art of satire. a tribute to the video editor. >>> another pakistani journalist went to the hospital this past week with bull bennett wounds. hamid mir was shot six times as he left the karachi airport in his car. the case has turned into a showdown between his employer, gotv and the pakistani intelligence service, the is -- isi. they have implicated the isi in the shooting. the agency has complained to pakistan's broadcast regulator which has the power to shut geo down. several other news outlets, rather than backing geo have criticized the channel for incriminating the intelligence service without providing proof. mir, whom we have interviewed is one of the most prominent journalists in pakistan. this is not the first time that the isi has been accused of going after someone who has reported
Apr 12, 2014 6:00pm EDT
resurgence on pakistan, a nuclear armed state. i think ambassador samad is correct when he says this election also puts pressure on pakistan to reconsider some of its policies, and i think certainly there are people in pakistan who realized the increasing threat from the pakistani taliban, which coordinates with the afghan taliban, and more people are realizing the blowback impact of supporting the afghan taliban for so many years is certainly hurting pakistan now, so hopefully, this election will help push the needle in pakistan more toward a policy of cracking down on the taliban on its side of the border. if the taliban reestablishes its influence in afghanistan, not only does it offer the opportunity to provide al qaeda safe haven, but also the many other terrorist groups that operate from the region and share the same kind of ideology, and i am talking about the islamic movement of whose -- uzbekistan, which poses a threat to asia. groups that focus on attacking india. even china is growing increasingly concerned that afghanistan could become a safe haven for uighur separatists. in early
Apr 24, 2014 2:00pm EDT
with issues like its relations with pakistan. and anyone who is hoping for a move toward peace in pakistan had better hope for a strong or at least strong governments in countries, because of what not happen without that you consider a return of a congress-led coalition unlikely. so do the leaders of congress, who have left slip that they will be happy if they get 120 seats, which is less than half the majority. di iss far as how much mo going to be able to do, if successful in winning an election, the size of his coalition matters quite a lot. and there the speculative modi how many seats and his allies will be able to win before they have to start looking for other coalition 240ers ranges from 120 two 70to 240 out of the 200 and they need to do to get -- 278 need to get to me coalition. the closer you get to that number, the greater the magnetic attraction to people who want to be sitting in the government. and the greater is their ability to make bolder changes in policy, some of which we might welcome, some of which we might very much regret. >> thank you. i have one clarifying question. y
Apr 10, 2014 12:00am PDT
-2014. >> the military runs things in pakistan. and the intelligence service is part of the military, is part of the military. and as you know, since independence, they've had more time under military government than under civilian government in pakistan. they've had these coup and these military dictatorships. the military just believes this is the way to go. the taliban rose up and they quickly go to them and now this is the only thing i think they know how to, they really believe they're defending pakistan's interests. and ensuring a client state in afghanistan and they will continue doing it until one stops them. >> rose: we conclude this evening with a new film called hateship and loveship it stars kristen wiig and stars liza johnson. >> better take it off please and wrap it up. >> wonderful. >> i think it's kind of an interesting character to see these days someone that's so socially and isn't really in the world that we live in. she's sort of like in her own little world in this house taking care of this woman and she gets sort of like pushed into reality and i thought that was kind o
Apr 24, 2014 12:00pm EDT
, between affiliates and the core group in pakistan, between affiliates and the local group of thugs, on whom they rely for support and also at times are just as dangerous as the affiliates themselves that make the al qaeda network so resilient. the wheel and spoke model that we have heard about before, where there is a central group that you can pound away and want to get rid of that center the spokes will simply fall apart and they will become their own localized insurgencies or threats. it is not the starfish model goals it haseaded -- it has tentacles and if you chop one arm off -- instead of a network, if you pushed out in one area, it will support itself to be able to crop up in areas where it has historical presences and it will also move resources, writers, bertie's, funds -- expertise, funds, into another era, and that is what we're are seeing in syria today where all of a sudden syria has reinvigorated the al qaeda network which we have not seen since we were fighting in iraq. what does that mean? that means that if we continue to only focus on the groups that pose the most
Apr 28, 2014 4:30am PDT
to him about genome and challenges for the media in pakistan then before we begin the discussion. shares in the introduction to the current situation in pakistan due to the attack on geo tv anchor part of me what has become one of the most hideous countries outside of media freedom and cottages journalism is consigned from the bottom on to sectarian extremists groups to the plunging into services intelligence agency isi almost continuously cabinet and the media trying to intimidate and categorize them into silence. in the last two decades fifty two and jonas have had to be with and itunes. seeing and unafraid for the motion is out which hotel to get in the eastern punjab province in two thousand and eleven what dion use your photo when the time bomb that was close to my dad in the taxi industry neo. mixed yet unidentified assailants gundam voice of many agendas will cut on time out if me and not twist and be silent angie think you've caused given the cases upcoming agenda says unto me and you knew was able to hire made me being attacked. i mean who is now vacant the teaching has accordin
Al Jazeera America
Apr 20, 2014 1:00am EDT
. . >> you're watching al jazeera. we are live from our headquarters in doha. >> also ahead - pakistan's top intelligence agency denies it was behind an attack on a renowned journalist. >> survivors speak of an attack in south sudan, that left 58 dead as the government sends troops to protect compounds. >> here a rapidly booming economy is driving an industry out of business. rob to so let's start the -- >> so let's start the program in south korea. three days of waiting seems to be turning into any parent's nightmare. divers have manage said to get inside the ship, nearly 250 people are unaccounted for. we hope to go live to adrian brown in jinned u in a -- jindo, but here is a report on why the families say their suffering is being made worse. >> it's one of the saddest places on earth. a gymnasium, a temporary home to families of missing. among those enduring another agonising day, this woman, whose 16-year-old daughter is unacontacted for. a daughter whom a mother describes as intelligent, optimistic and fun. >> she was a daughter and a friend. >> a daughter. she wants to belie
Apr 14, 2014 6:30pm PDT
going to discuss its destiny as pakistan has advanced its nuclear capability. despite the intention to seek and deduction. the bjp manifesto did not specify how it done to change this skill as it voted to power a morose. this issue and positions are expected to collect dust. is this everyone ready to feed don't say that the committee to view the tapes. the band stood in the pews and sunset fast too. is to shape the dough for ten years of cost. if that is in need. we had planned since we cleaned all the opinions of frosted the need to have and they don't like it the real peaches and the predictable thing to have a veto. it comes to government as smooth and peaceful use of civilian nuclear energy. she spent the night most improved and enhanced odyssey looks set to change the change of government. luke got the guts to go to the bee movie or going to vote. nobody with the eye and that god has done many good affirm that i don't have a job. it is reduced to one bite. we started to set the precedent to the blog the situation is such a study plus. i've never been tested to be view of the tw
Apr 25, 2014 3:00am EDT
, and it is their relationship between the different groups, affiliates and the core group in pakistan, affiliate's and the local group of thugs upon him there rely for resources, support, ben two are also at times just as dangerous as the affiliate's themselves, but make the al qaeda network so resilient woman. it is not have the wheel and spoke model that we have heard about before where they're is a central group that you can pound away, and once you get rid of that the folks will simply fall apart and become their own mobilized insurgencies are threats. it is not the starfish model where it has spread its tentacles and a few chopped off one to do you have started to kill the beast in some sort of way. instead, it is this network that if you push down in one area, it will support itself and the will to pop up in areas where it has historical presences and all some move resources, fighters, expertise, france from one area and to another which is actually what we are seeing today happening in syria where all of a sudden see area reinvigorated the al qaeda network in a way that we have not seen since we were fig
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 5:30pm EDT
,000,000,000 into pakistan. pakistan is not our friend. >> he knows his position in popular culture is based on what he believes in including haiti and pakistan. after he presented an international human rights award to a women's group in dublin >> how do you prefer to be known these days? as an actor or an activist? >> it never occurs to me to differentiate anything that i do, you know, whether it's making coffee. i tend to live my life in flow, and i do whatever it is that i >>reporter: >> you have been at a ceremony honoring those people who are defenders of human rights. their work is far removed from the industries we are both involved in which, as you know, can be quiet superficial, quite wealthy at times, privileged. is it hard to be a part of that industry and then watch, as you know you do, the injustices? >> i would like to take exception to that. people who have had -- they come from poverty or privilege, they have you opportunity whether through education or some additional sense of self. i mean, you know, with the many opportunities that nelson mandela had for his own personal freedom an
Al Jazeera America
Apr 20, 2014 3:00am EDT
. >> pakistan's military denies being responsible for the shooting of a prominent journalist. and how mobiles are dialing up profit at the expense of traditional phone services in myanmar. >> divers in south korea have recovered more bodies. the search an recover operation is continuing just off jindo. >>> south sudan's government said it has sent troops after an attack at an u.n. camp on thursday. >> reporter: these are some of the survivors of an attack on the u.n. base in bor. among them women and children. some have bullet wounds. others say they were attacked by machetes. a boy said he was beaten by sticks by a group numbering in the hundreds. a woman ran away. >> she caught up with me, so i tried to jump over a wall. one man caught up with me and hit me in the head with a machete and left me. i laid very still because i didn't want them to come back and finish me. >> another woman was shot in the arm as she tried to run away from her attackers. some show the dead being cared in body bags loaded on to trucks by u.n. staff. others reveal the brutal nature of the attacks. in the morning an
Al Jazeera America
Apr 6, 2014 12:00am EDT
.com. >> a bombshell report claims that pakistan not only new where obama was, but protected him as he hid. america's plan to trigger protests in cuba secretly using social media. plus, who holds the keys to the internet. we meet a member of the select secret group. can a convicted child rapist escape a prison sentence because he's rich. here is more on what's ahead. "consider this." >> federal education standard - some students are opting out. >> set lipping for a status quo of mead okay rity shouldn't be the answer. >> the u.s. government created a secret social media platform. >> suggestions that this was a covert program are wrong. >> a wealthy heir to the du pont paint... >>..pleaded guilt yoi to sexual acts on his daughter >> sentenced to probation. >> relations between the u.s. and pakistan are mystifying, but a book from a vaet reason "new york times" -- veteran "new york times" reporter contained bomb shells about pakistanian intelligence making a difficult alliance complexing. the claim is they knew that osama bin laden was living in the compound where he was killed. that reporting and ot
Apr 6, 2014 7:00am PDT
the neighboring country, pakistan, is actively providing safe-havens, assistance, training? you had this fantastic piece in "the new york times" magazine which basically outlined the ways in which it seemed very likely that the pakistani government knew about bin laden. what do you think pakistan's role will be once we start pulling out? they're going to try to fill that vacuum probably. >> i think it's already clear they're determined to see a resurgence of the taliban. they're supporting them. they're encouraging them. there's been a spade of attacks. i was in kabul two days ago. we had suicide bombing almost every day that i was there in the last week. and that's all coming from pakistan. they're all going in. that's clearly what needs to be looked at very strongly because the pakistanis have not finished their war and what they want is through a proxy force to dominate affairs in afghanistan and they're going to continue. >> that of course, is the taliban for pakistan. >> the taliban. >> and actually al qaeda have shown they were protecting and hiding bin laden. al zawahiri who took over as he
Apr 3, 2014 7:00pm PDT
as they jostled for influence officially pakistan insists the platforms the people many in islam above the speed and in india on some of the candidates called delhi accuses pakistan in attacks targeting its interests inside of afghanistan. with that that's a bit of acrimony and also the broader picture going for today in the false to get the baby. the scramble for afghanistan was to talk about afghanistan's ambassador to france. some are welcome at the show welcome as well to pakistan's ambassador to paris. the depot meant to speed again. she was in york times bureau chief in kabul now lisa johnson drove in hangs her hat in the french capital. in icu and from delhi. our correspondent vikram singh who is just back from kabul. nice to see the crown as well the postman pat today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are passionate and two for debates. forty eight hours to go a lot of uncertainty so it's always a heavy lift organizing an election in afghanistan a few days ahead of the presidential vote thousands of ballot boxes were transported to polling stations across afghanistan t
Apr 3, 2014 3:00pm PDT
, it looks like it went, you know, it was for a project in pakistan. so you know, even in the sliver of information that is publicly available there is no indication. so you know, absent doing reporting or freedom of information requests, or a congressional oversight it's really hard to know. although aid say these don't conduct covert programs and what they do come ports with u.s. law. >> ifill: i guess there will be congressional oversite, great reporting, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> ifill: the united states has been fighting in afghanistan for 13 years, but have we been going after the right enemy? the author of a new book says no. hari sreenivasan has more. >> srennivasan: this coming saturday afghans will go to the polls to elect a new president. it will the third popular election since 2001 when the united states invaded the country following attacks on september 11th. one reporter who has covered the war in that country from the beginning is "new york times" correspondent carlotta gayle gail, also the awe sore of the new book the wrong enemy, america and afghanistan 2001 to
Al Jazeera America
Apr 20, 2014 5:00am EDT
didn't want them to come back and finish me. >> pakistan's military denies being responsible for the shooting of a prominent journalist. and... [ singing ] at the vatican, where pope francis is leading easter celebrations. >> divers in south korea are recovering more bodies from the submerged wreck of the ferry disaster. the number of people confirmed to have died has rich above 60. more than 200 others are missing. let's join our correspondent covering this, adrian brown. he is in jindo. we saw the death toll rising again in the past hour. >> that's right. it now stands at 58, more than twice what it was this time yesterday. i think we have reached the stage where we'll see the confirmed death toll mount significantly in the coming 24 hours or so. this is a reflection of the fact that divers have been object get into other ors of the -- other areas of the submemoryinged -- submerged vessel. they believed most of the people they had hoped would survive would be. it's really turned into a recovery operation. bodies have been brought back by coast guard vessels running b
Al Jazeera America
Apr 9, 2014 3:00am EDT
at a fruit market in pakistan leaves more than 20 dead. hello from doha, this is the world news from al jazeera. they are agreeing to talk - ukraine, russia, e.u., and the u.s. will sit to discuss the crisis in ukraine. >> i'm now optimistic that we will find the aircraft. >> renewed hope in the safe for the malaysia airlines jet after more underwater signals are detected off the coast of australia. >> locked out of his own country. we meet the man who says he's americans, but just can't prove it. >> hello, at least 23 are dead, dozens wounded after an explosion in pakistan. our correspondent is there, and we'll speak to him in a moment. >> a farmer's market was packed with people when the bomb exploded in rawalpindi. the blast was so powerful that it was heard up to 10km away. dozens of people were killed, more injured. the government has been holding peace talks with the pakistani taliban since february. the taliban refused to expand its deadline. >> a statement the taliban denies involvement with wednesday's attack. there are splinter groups. so far no one has claimed responsibility
Al Jazeera America
Apr 11, 2014 3:00am EDT
, pakistan, the pakistan taliban extended it by 10 days, making it a month and 10 days, that has expired. it comes at a time when there are reports of infighting within the pakistan taliban, pakistan factions. those close to the peace talks and those that want to continue the peace talks. they are expected to meet in north waziristan at a secret location u because this is an area which has been hit by drone strikes, and they will announce another ceasefire. it is expected no long-term ceasefire, but piecemeal offers from the pakistan. expected and obviously the dangerous development being that the factions are fighting amongst themselves. >> thank you for the update. reporting to us from islamabad. >> well, two car bombs in the shia neighbourhoods of baghdad killed 13, injuring 55 others. the second was in the southeastern neighbour hood. shops and vehicles were destroyed. >> syrian opposition groups near the border - anti-government activists say 51 were killed. they were from the. linked intoes ra front, and the ley have not, known as the i.s.i.l. >> a deadline to destroy all of syria'
Al Jazeera America
Apr 3, 2014 2:30am EDT
, and david, a defense department official on afghanistan and pakistan. welcome to "the stream." >> tony, americans have invested $700 billion, endless amounts of resources, 2,000 lives lost. how much of that hinges are on the election coming up this weekend. >> it comes down to selection, to be blunt. we talked before the opening of the show about the zero option. it is something that would leave afghanistan in a huge lurch. there's two reasons why. so much of what afghanistan depends upon right now is foreign aid coming in. about 30% of the economy is fuelled by illegal drug sales, and i don't think it's the way to go. what you need to look at is economic sovereignty. pentagon has been working on this. my friend who was working on this was trying to find a way to have afghanistan become economically soft. n.a.t.o. has done, they have left pretty much, and we are left holding the bag and trying to help them get on their feet. second is corruption, and the taliban. we can't control those factors. whoever is president is responsible for the security thing, and, of course, the dangling par
Apr 17, 2014 10:00pm EDT
, impoverished young men living on both sides of the border in pakistan, getting funding from different groups. >> karzai would not sign a security agreement. >> yes. >> at the same time both candidates leading will support a security agreement that will have nato troops remaining in afghanistan. >> of the 11 candidates, every single one of them said they would sign the agreement including the fundamentalist candidates. the support for international troops is at 75%. afghanistan is a strange country. we do not like foreigners. >> you kick them out at every turn. >> on this occasion they realize they need support from the international community. karzai was not engaging. that has been costly for him. >> what is the relation between afghanistan and china? >> it is not strong. it is almost nonexistent. they have invested in the mining. >> that is what i thought. >> they are not even that serious about it. they haven't started work on it. they have secured the contract. it is a huge copper mine. they have been nothing since. they are close to the pakistanis. they are not going to do anything rash.
Al Jazeera America
Apr 3, 2014 10:00pm EDT
pakistani intelligence that make ady. alliance even more perplexing. it claims pakistan knew all along that osama bin laden was living in the compound where he was killed in may of 2011. that reporting and another revelations were considered so controversial that when an excerpt ran, local versions were sensorred and is the article left blank. for more we are joined she has reported extensively, and the summeredly the north after cacorrespondent. some of the experiences are harrowing but i want to start with ben laden. you said that pakistani intelligence, not only knew about his compound and where he was, but that may actively collaborated in letting him survive in that compound. >> in the end, that's what i found. it took a while, and we felt there was some sort of accomplicety, it wasn't just stupidity, all those years that he was living there, six years just a few hundred yards from the military gathering. but in the end, they did find an inside source that they were handling him. you have a desk responsible for him, one man only that didn't report to anyone, he just did -- he made
Al Jazeera America
Apr 21, 2014 5:00am EDT
but pakistan black market gambling industry is doing an roaring trade. ♪ >> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance. well it's official... xfinity watchathon week was the biggest week in television history. but just when you thought it was over... what now? with xfinity on demand you can always watch the latest episodes of tv's hottest shows. good news. like hannibal... chicago fire.... ...and bates motel. the day after they air. xfinity on demand. all the latest episodes. all included with your service. it's like hi-fiving your eyeballs. xfinity...the future of awesome. ♪ hello again, top stories this hour on al jazeera, russia's foreign minister accused ukraine government of violating thursday's geneva agreement and not doing anything to contain the violence in the east of the country and warns that attempts to isolate russia will fail. the president of south korea compared the actions of captain and cre
Al Jazeera America
Apr 21, 2014 12:00pm EDT
of journalists. >> in pakistan anti-gambling laws were created in 1947. but that hasn't stopped gambling and the police are often involved. >> it's pakistan's favorite pass time. whenever there is a major cricket match thousands take to the secrets to watch on screen or anywhere else they can. and although it's illegal, some people place bets in the hopes the national team will win big. >> i was really confident pakistan would do well, but it's not looking so good. god willing i won't lose the $50 bet i made. >> reporter: there are hundreds of gambling shops and book makers across karachi and dug big sporting events like this, they rake in millions of dollars. al jazeera was given rare access to book makers that were based out of the ho hotel room. once the match is over they will pack up and leave easily having made hundreds of thousands of dollars. gambling with outlawed when pakistan was partitioned from british colonial india in 1947. the penalties are a $10 fine and up to one year in prison. even the relatively lax punishment and poor enforcement illegal betting thrives, and the pol
Al Jazeera America
Apr 23, 2014 12:00pm EDT
are off to the illegally built slums in pakistan's capitol which are being demolished, talking to a family who might soon be homeless. >>> and the anger in brazil's copacabana over the depth of a dancer. ♪ >> our current system has gone very far awry... >> there's huge pressure on the police to arrest and find somebody guilty >> i think the system is going to fail a lot of other people. >> you convicted the wrong person >> i find that extraordinarily disappointing... >> to keep me from going to jail, i needed to cooperate. >> the evidence was inaccurate >> they still refuse the dna >> somebody can push you in a death chamber >> it's not a joke >> award winning producer and director joe berlinger exposes the truth. from the inside... >> a justice system rum by human beings, can run off the rails. >> some say there's justice for all, but they're not in the system.. >> it shouldn't be easy to just lock somebody up and throw away the key >> ...nightmarish alternative reality, sometimes you can't win... >> an original investigative series. al jazeera america presents the system with joe berin
Al Jazeera America
Apr 11, 2014 5:00am EDT
agreement between the government of pakistan and the taliban, there was an anticipation that they would meet close to the border. and not waziristan, to decide on the next move. it was expected that there would be a ceasefire, but it would be a piecemeal deal. and within the ranks of the taliban pakistan, there is serious infighting. that is continuing. we have fighting is between those groups what want the talks to continue. they want the ceasefire to be maintained, and groups that do not want the ceasefire or talks with the government of pakistan. the announcement from the taliban in pakistan on the ceasefire will be of critical importance. >> north korea is condemning war games between south korea and the united states as a rehearsal for an invasion. they are undergoing live exercises, and include the biggest amphibious exercise in 20 years. >> the u.s. health secretary ha oversaw president obama's health care law resigned. kathleen sebelius has been health secretary since obama took office in 2009. the tenure has been marred by criticism over the cost of the affordable care. the u.s. dep
Apr 17, 2014 8:00am PDT
is responsible for flying the cia's drone strike program in pakistan. unitocumentary identified conducting cia strikes in pakistan's tribal areas as the 17th reconnaissance squadron, which is located on the creech air force base, about 45 miles from las vegas. this is the trailer for "drone." >> the ultimate voyeurs, the ultimate peeping toms. i am watching this person and this person has no clue what is going on. no one is going to catch us. we are getting orders to take these people's lives. >> you never know who you're killing, as you never actually see a face. you just have silhouette. they don't have to take the shot or bear the burden. i'm the one who has to bear that burden. >> there's always been a connection between the world of war in the world of entertainment. the military has invested in creating video games that they're using as recruiting tools. unbelievably -- war is an unbelievably profitable business. >> they have taken out a lot of al qaeda leadership. it is cheap. it doesn't involve putting troops on the ground. >> i believe the united states of america must remain a standa
Apr 17, 2014 12:00am PDT
in pakistan and getting funding by different groups and support from different governments. >> rose: karzai would not sign a security agreement. >> yes. >> rose: at the same time both of the candidates now leading, two top candidates will support a security agreement that will have nato troops remaining in afghanistan. >> yes. the 11 candidates, every single one of them said they would sign the agreement, including the fundamentalist candidate that support for the international troops is now at 75 percent, the afghanistan is a very strange country, we don't like foreigners but ten years on. >> rose: you kick them out at every turn. >> but on this occasion they realized that international engagement is important for the country so karzai was completely, i mean he had -- he was not gauging the path of the nation so that decision of his has been very costly for him. >> rose: what is the relationship between afghanistan and china? >> it is not particularly strong, it is almost nonexistent, chinese invested in the mining sector. >> rose: that's what i thought. >> >> rose: that's what they are do
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 9:00am EDT
much. still to come, we'll look at the dangers of life as a journalist in pakistan. and in sport real madrid move closer to a tense european title. andy will be here with that story. ♪ vé ♪ >> here are our top stories from doha. iraqis are voting in the parlry elections first the u.s. troops withdraw in 2011. at least 30 people, most of them children are reported killed after an air strike hit a school in aleppo. and ukraine's acting president said police and security forces are struggling to restore order in eastern parts of their country. he addressed parliament in kiev just hours after more government buildings were taken over by pro-russia groups in the east. let's get more now on those elections in iraq. kamal has been keeping a close eye on what has been happening on social media. >> yes. we want to look at what interest might actually be in the united states in these elections. i saw this just a moment ago. and my producer did i should say, this is someone who snapped a picture at their old high school. and this is a queueing system of old school tables with bits of tape i
Apr 10, 2014 8:00am EDT
an $882 million in aid for pakistan. and let me just note that pakistan arrested and is still holding and brutalizing dr. frieden, who helped us identify and locate osama bin laden was responsible for slaughtering 3000 americans. i consider his arrest and his continued incarceration to be hostile act by pakistan against the united states. and see how anybody else can thing of it as anything else. but worse than that, we have apparently since 9/11 we have given pakistan over $25 billion, and of that, $17 billion have gone to pakistan's security services, which we know now have been in cahoots with terrorists who murder americans. and even worse, perhaps, we have been providing these billions of dollars that pakistan's security services, and they're using billions of dollars of military equipment that we've been giving them in order to conduct a genocidal campaign against the people of baluchistan. how can we justify providing more aid for a country like pakistan but is using our aid, our military aid to murder in great numbers of people of baluchistan and the repression of the people o
was in kabul at the time and i had never been to the pakistan border. i had certainly never flown in a u.s. military helicopter, and what i didn't -- >> host: usually normal civilian helicopters to get around new york. >> guest: that's how i got here. so, i -- what didn't realize is they would keep me on the base. they wouldn't let me go off the base. about they brought all kinds of people in. and what i realized was, first of all this this is not a good way to do field work so i did not have that arrangement again in my subsequent three trips there. but what became very clear was how intimate the relationship was between the americans and sharzai, and that's been very interesting for him as a governor because on the one hand the benefits are very obvious. basically -- first of all, affords him an independent source of influence and income outside of his relationship with president karzai. the other thing it does, of course, is give him a leg up from a coercive perspective from all the other actors. so his -- >> host: not only the talibans and others -- >> guest: that's right. >> host:
Apr 10, 2014 12:00am EDT
of that. and i at least requesting $882 million in aid for pakistan. so let me just note that pakistan is still holding and brutalizing the doctor who helped us identify and locate osama bin laden, who is responsible for this slaughtering 3000 americans and i consider his continued incarceration to be a hostile ask and i don't see how anyone else can think of it as anything else. but worse than that we have, apparently since 9/11, we have given pakistan over $25 billion and of that, $17 billion have gone to pack his hands security services, which we know now have been in cahoots with terrorists who murder americans and even worse, perhaps, we have been providing these billions of dollars to pakistan security services and they are using billions of dollars of military equipment that we have been giving them in order to conduct a genocidal campaign against the people in pakistan as well. so how can we justify providing more aid for a country like pakistan that is using our aid in our military aid to murder in great number of people of these areas maxtor, let me come back to the budget. t
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